Joseph Arthur Plans April Release

It's been a long time coming, but that other album from Joseph Arthur is finally coming out. We first mentioned it back in July when news of Nuclear Daydream, his last record, came about.

In a press release on Joseph Arthur's label's website, Lonely Astronaut, the guys made it public that Let's Just Be will come out on April 17, 2007. This album is pieced together from a rumored 80 tracks that were recorded in several sessions, with some of the other songs coming out on a future album.

"The idea for us was to record all of these new songs straight to tape using only 16 tracks with no reverb, sort of a back to basics like how the Stones or Neil Young used to record," commented Arthur. "These albums are really a band effort, there was a lot of collaboration in the studio and quite a few songs on the album were co-writes."

As of now the tracks will include "Diamond Ring," "Good Life," "Precious One," "Here Comes The Spaceman," "Take Me Home," "Chicago," "Cockteezzze," "Lonely Astronaut," "Cocaine Feet," "Let's Just Be," Shake It Off," "Lack A Vision," "Gimmie Some Company," "I Will Carry It," "Yer The Reason," and "Star Song." If any of those look familiar its because some of them were played live on his most recent tour, as well as being featured on his MySpace page.

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur Plans April Release