The Coke Zero Screening Series Presents Glastonbury

It's no lie that out of all the festivals that are still going on around the world, none of them are more legendary than Glastonbury. Bands have become famous from their performances here and festival-goers lives have been changed. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans have never had the chance to witness Glastonbury in all its glory. The good news is that all that is going to change very soon.

On February 23, Glastonbury will hit theaters. The documentary follows the history of the event, starting in 1970 with farmer Michael Eavis opening up his 150-acre farm to 1,500 people, up to present day. Directed by Julian Temple, there are also performances from David Bowie, T Rex, Radiohead, Pulp, Oasis, Coldplay, REM, Primal Scream, Faithless, New Order, Prodigy, Morrissey, Blur, Chemical Brothers, Joe Strummer, Massive Attack, Nick Cave, Bjork, Velvet Underground, The Cure and many more.

Now, here comes the good part. If you live in New York City or Los Angeles, there are going to be several special screenings that you might want to attend to get a sneak peek at the film. The Coke Zero Screening Series is presenting Glastonbury on January 22 in New York at Tribeca Grand Hotel and January 25 in Los Angeles at the Fine Arts Theatre. Both events will also have a cocktail hour and the New York one will also feature the All England Club DJ's. RSVP info is found below the trailer, so be sure and check it out!

Trailer for Glastonbury:

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The Coke Zero Screening Series Presents Glastonbury