Download - Cloud Cult "Take Your Medicine"

What began life as a collection of four track closet recordings in Craig Minowa's Minneapolis apartment in 1995 has blossomed into a series of albums, the most recent of which, The Meaning Of 8, will be considered one of the most creative, inspirational and just plain beautiful albums of 2007.

For over a decade now, Minnesota's Cloud Cult have done things their own way. From shunning major label deals in favor of maintaining 100% creative control, to developing their own environmentally friendly production methods, to making all of their tours "green" (the band plants acres of trees to offset the CO2 emissions of their solar panel equipped van before each tour and purchases wind power credits to power the stage), Cloud Cult haven't done anything "by the book" in their entire career.

With The Meaning Of 8, Cloud Cult will go beyond their D.I.Y. "cult" status and break through into the indie rock forefront. The album is simply too good for anything less. Not surprisingly, The Meaning Of 8 will be released through the band's own Earthology Records. It won't be available in stores until April 10, but you'll be able to pick up a copy via the band's website in February. I suggest picking one up sooner rather than later, and after one listen to "Take Your Medicine," I'm sure you'll agree.

"Take Your Medicine" MP3

Cloud Cult will embark on a two month headlining tour in support of The Meaning Of 8 around release time. We'll keep you posted on the dates.

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Download - Cloud Cult "Take Your Medicine"