Mew's Frengers To See US Release

When it comes to Mew and North America, I guess it is always better late than never. 2006 marked the release of the Danish group's latest brilliant album, And The Glass Handed Kites. After making plenty of new friends on our shores through the album and a bit of touring, Columbia Records has decided to give their previous album, Frengers, a US release on January 23.

This melodic masterpiece was released in Europe and the UK back in April '03, but we are just happy that North America will finally get to experience "Comforting Sounds," "156" and "She Came Home For Christmas." For new fans of Mew who only know the material on And The Glass Handed Kites, watch the video of "Am I Wry? No" below for a sample of the greatness found on Frengers. Oh, and if you're curious about the name of the album, it is the combination of "friends" and "strangers."

"Am I Wry? No"

01. "Am I Wry? No"
02. "156"
03. "Snow Brigade"
04. "Symmetry"
05. "Behind The Drapes"
06. "Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years"
07. "Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed"
08. "She Came Home For Christmas"
09. "SheSpider"
10. "Comforting Sounds"


Mew's Frengers To See US Release