The Bird And The Bee

The world was first introduced with the goodness known as Inara George almost two years ago on her debut album, All Rise. Since that time, Inara has worked on several collaborations ranging from Idlewild to her newest venture, The Bird And The Bee with Greg Kurstin. While some of us got a taste of The Bird And The Bee with their EP Again And Again last year, the long-awaited self-titled LP is finally coming out next week.

The record opens with the angelic "Again & Again," which is still a standout track even though it was on the EP that we reviewed last year. The same goes for the jazz-infused "I'm A Broken Heart" and "Birds And The Bees." There is a pixie-like quality that Inara George possesses. It's not only charming, but comforting as well. Her vocals are reminiscent at times of a mother singing to her child and are the perfect match to the breezy music, which is light and uplifting. That is until you hear the sweet little voice sing "F*cking Boyfriend." (Can we just comment on how cute it is that the title is censored on album artwork as well?) The bombastic "La La La" and electronic "I Hate Camera," "Preparedness" and "Because" are refreshing breaks from All Rise-esque songs on the album. By the time they are over it leaves me wondering if it is too early to start thinking of my favorite albums for 2007 because this one is a high contender already.

If you are still somehow unfamiliar with Inara and/or The Bird And The Bee, please, do yourself a favor. Put down that Shins advance and put on The Bird And The Bee. This is going to be one of those albums that stand the test of time.
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The Bird And The Bee