Brett Anderson Announces Tracklisting

It's no lie that we are waiting on pins and needles for Brett Anderson's solo album to hit us. As we previously reported, Brett Anderson will be released on March 26 via Drowned In Sound overseas. He signed a worldwide deal with V2, so it should be interesting to see what happens with a domestic release since V2 seems to have gone the way of Rhino with re-issues and whatnot.

For those that are keeping Brett Anderson tabs, the singer has made his tracklisting public. Behold, Brett Anderson.

UPDATE: It appears that Brett is currently looking for a US label to call home as we speak. A&R folks take note! Also, Brett has posted the album version of "Scorpio Rising" on his official MySpace page. Check it out, it is gorgeous.

01. "Love Is Dead"
02. "One Lazy Morning"
03. "Dust And Rain"
04. "Intimacy"
05. "To The Winter"
06. "Scorpio Rising"
07. "The Infinite Kiss"

08. "Colour Of The Night"
09. "The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves"
10. "Ebony"

11. "Song For My Father"

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson Announces Tracklisting