Primal Scream Singer Hates Noise?

Anyone who knows anything about Primal Scream and/or Bobby Gillespie's love affair with drugs should find this one pretty interesting. (Remember when he asked his label to fund an ecstasy factory?) The now-clean 43-year-old singer has made it his mission to rid the noise from a pub that is around the corner from his home in Newington Green, North London.

According to Daily Mail, the pub, known as The Alma, has a license to play music until 1AM, which they have abided to, but that's not enough for Bobby. The singer is claiming that The Alma was "playing recorded music at an unacceptable volume past 12 o'clock. There was a live percussionist playing along with the records, the sound was of a very high frequency, which reverberated into my bedroom and my children's bedroom. I found the repetitiveness disturbing and I was unable to sleep because of it. It is disturbing the peace of our beautiful street and attracting noisy, drunk people to our area, leaving the premises or coming into the area for a late night drink who are incidentally just (as loud) if not louder than the music being played."

A spokesperson for The Alma went on to say, "At one point when the licencing was happening we did have quite a lot of parties, like wedding parties so we were playing music. We have never been so popular. We are allowed to play music until 1am but we don't use that. When we applied for our license we got what we wanted."

Primal Scream singer hates noise? Does anyone else see the irony here?

Primal Scream

Primal Scream Singer Hates Noise?