Artist To Watch - Glen Reynolds

I've been following Glen Reynolds career since the mid '90s when he joined the Dallas/Fort Worth band Chomsky. Those guys had everything going in their favor: killer songs, mad local radio coverage, a strong following and a live show that never disappointed. Their angular alt-pop that harnessed the sounds of XTC and perhaps a bit of Devo should have taken these guys to the next level. With plenty of potential singles, under the right guidance Chomsky could have made some serious waves. Unfortunately, things didn't work out as they should have, and after three full-length releases, the band quietly called it quits.

Reynolds' guitar skills and on-stage antics made him a vital part of Chomsky, which is why I was thrilled to see that he has continued making music. This time he is taking center stage by embarking on a solo career. After listening to his demos that are posted on MySpace, it comes to no surprise that his Britpop influences shine through in his songwriting. We're talking about a guy who rocked one hell of a Blur cover band, named Bluh.

His debut solo album, In Between Days, is now complete. Reynolds mentioned that the record should be out on the Dallas indie record label Idol Records sometime this summer. Now that he has the masters back, hopefully we'll get to hear some of the tunes before long. Until then, sample a few of his rough cuts on MySpace. While you are at it, go dig up Chomsky's first two albums, A Few Possible Selections For The Soundtrack Of Your Life and Onward Quirky Soldiers. I know some copies are still up on Amazon. You can thank me later.

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Artist To Watch - Glen Reynolds