SXSW Goes Green

South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Conferences (does the official title get longer every year?) has announced a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible new energy plan for this year's event.

Beginning this year, SXSW will now be a carbon neutral organization. What does that mean exactly? Good question. What it means is that SXSW is partnering with Austin-based renewable energy market leader Green Mountain Energy Company to offset 100% of carbon emissions arising from all SXSW activities - clubs, travel, offices, convention center, etc.

The festival/conference has purchased 376MW of Texas wind energy carbon credits from Green Mountain to offset the estimated 250 metric tons of carbon emissions that will be produced by SXSW this year.

SXSW is also working with Ecology Action of Austin to recycle all waste from their outdoor parties and events and will use biodiesel in generators and production trucks.

Now I could get all preachy about saving the planet and such, but really it's just cool to see a large organization taking steps to make a difference. Hopefully more and more festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza will adopt these same strategies, not to mention... hmm... our municipal and federal government agencies... maybe?.... anyone? Bueller? Anyway, kudos to you SXSW. Now I can drink booze and rock out without feeling all guilty about killing mother earth.

Here's some more info on renewable energy and how you can purchase it for your home or business anywhere in the US.

Green Mountain Energy Company

SXSW Goes Green