Maximo Park Gives Us Our Earthly Pleasures

Maximo Park finally released some new information today about their forthcoming sophomore album. The album, titled Our Earthly Pleasures, will hit US shores on May 1 via Warp, and rumor has it that the band will be around at some point this summer for a tour. Check out the letter from Paul, and the track listing below.

I am totally squealing like a little girl on the inside as you read this.
Our Earthly Pleasures:
01. "Girls Who Play Guitars"
02. "Our Velocity"
03. "Books From Boxes"
04. "Russian Literature"
05. "Karaoke Plays"
06. "Your Urge"
07. "The Unshockable"
08. "By The Moment"
09. "Nosebleed"
10. "A Fortnight's Time"
11. "Sandblasted And Set Free"
12. "Parisian Skies"

Maximo Park

Maximo Park Gives Us Our Earthly Pleasures