Download - The Eames Era "Both Hands Full"

While the Eames Era might be one of the best band names out there (hello art reference!), they also manage to create sunny pop music that is perfect for discerning indie snobs as well as kids that love twee music. The five-piece literally hit Hurricane Katrina head on (they live in Baton Rouge, but were on tour when their van crashed into a National Guard truck bringing aid). As a result the band had to cancel their tour and some of the members were injured. Everyone is OK now, and the members are ready to hit the road again soon.

Their new LP, Heroes + Sheroes, hits stores on April 17, but in the meantime you can download a track from it below to preview.

"Both Hands Full" MP3
Heroes + Sheroes
01. "Little Brother"
02. "Both Hands Full"

03. "1968"
04. "Fake Do-Gooders"
05. "Benjamin"
06. "Last To Know"
07. "Aluminum Crowns"
08. "Watson On Your Side"
09. "Teenage Meth-Head"
10. "NC-17"
11. "Let Me Spin"
12. "Copious"
13. "All Bets Are Off"
14. "Dear Gabby"
15. "Cash Register"
16. "When You Were A Millionaire"
17. "I Am A Thing"

The Eames Era

Download - The Eames Era "Both Hands Full"