Howling Bells Get Remixed

We first caught the Australian group Howling Bells when then performed an early show at NYC's Sin-e back in October 2005. Combining influences ranging from Mazzy Star to PJ Harvey, their bluesy, sometimes slightly country flavored rock made quite an impression. Bella Union released their self-titled debut album last year across the pond, but unfortunately the US is still without this fantastic record.

One of the strongest tracks off the album is "Low Happening," which has been selected as the next single for the band. The single will be released on both CD and vinyl, and will include some pretty impressive remixes to boot. Artists including Whiskers, Forward Russia, Sebastian, Little People and Presets have put their own spin on the track. For a sample, Howling Bells posted the Presets' remix on their MySpace page for your listening pleasure. The single will be released in the UK on February 26.

Perhaps someday a label will smarten up and give this outstanding band a home in the US. Until then, just pick up the import. It is worth it.

Howling Bells

Howling Bells Get Remixed