Lion The Girl

Back in 2004 the masses were introduced to a dark and mysterious band called Midnight Movies. Hailing from Los Angeles, their music was the perfect soundtrack to those dreams you have when you are being chased and can't escape from your predator. While the years since then have been a time of change for the group, they had a line-up adjustment as well as a label switch; the members carried on and created another outstanding album. In April we will hear the fruits of their labor with Lion The Girl.

The new effort still has the same Donnie Darko-meets-Velvet Underground inspiration, and is chock full of Gena Olivier's patented sultry, yet elegant, vocals. Speaking of Olivier, she has given up the drumming with dual singing on this record. Stepping out from behind the drum kit has pushed Olivier farther into the limelight and allowed her to fully concentrate on her range, as well as making the band sound even more lush and layered than before. This is apparent with the barreling new-wave opener, "Souvenirs" and the melodic and dignified "Ribbons." When "Lion Song" comes on, it sounds like the group is trying to summon a being from the other side by repeating the brooding lyrics "Lion the girl says no" while psychedelic guitars wail in the background. On "Coral Den" Midnight Movies expand their repertoire beyond the nocturnal and into the rock, proving that they can kick out the jams, as well as provide the perfect music to lose yourself in.

If for some reason you missed out on Midnight Movies the last go round, make sure you check them out now. On Lion The Girl they prove that they are more than a one-trick pony and continue to grow. Let's hope that this time they get the recognition that they deserve from more than just the critics.

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Lion The Girl