Division Day Dates + Spaceland Residency

As January begins to wrap up, it is time to look forward to February. We have Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day, and music fans in Los Angeles will get a month-long residency from Division Day! The band will perform every Monday throughout the month, and the best part is that the shows are free!

The band has a few other dates throughout February and March, including a few dates with Great Northern and Birdmonster. If somehow you missed their awesome debut album, Beartrap Island, snag the "Tigers" MP3 below.

Division Day 2007 Dates (so far)
01.26.07 - Visalia, CA (Howie And Sons w/ Great Northern)
02.05.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland w/ The Movies)
02.08.07 - San Francisco, CA (Bottom Of The Hill w/ Birdmonster)
02.12.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland w/ Great Northern, Peter Walker)
02.14.07 - San Diego, CA (The Casbah w/ Rob Crow)
02.19.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland w/ Tigers Can Bite You)
02.26.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland w/ Sea Wolf)
03.09.07 - Tucson, AZ (Plush w/ Birdmonster)
03.12.07 - Dallas, TX (Deep Ellum Music Festival w/ Birdmonster)
03.13.07 - San Antonio, TX (Limelight w/ Birdmonster)

"Tigers" MP3

Division Day

Division Day Dates + Spaceland Residency