Ramona Cordova Tour Dates

Arizona-born nomadic touring artist Ramona Cordova has announced his first string of US tour dates in quite some time. Having spent a great deal of 2006 overseas supporting his uniquely artistic debut outing, The Boy Who Floated Freely, Cordova is now setting his sights on his homeland.

Ramona Cordova travels light when he's out on the road, carrying just an acoustic guitar and his dynamic personality (the latter of which weighs twice as much). The 23-year-old artist is known for getting the crowd involved at his very intimate gigs, enlisting them to clap, sing along, play hand percussion, and do just about anything else you can think of. While you never know exactly what you're going to get, Ramona will be playing songs from The Boy Who Floated Freely, as well a couple new tunes he's been working on. If you're lucky enough to live in a town that falls along Ramona's tour routing, definitely check him out. Details below.

"Inside The Gypsy Bar" MP3

02.16.07 - Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda's)
02.17.07 - Philadelphia, PA (Circle Of Hope)
02.18.07 - Danbury, CT (The Empress Ballroom)

02.19.07 - Providence, RI (RISD House Show)

02.20.07 - Jamaica Plain, MA (New Granite State Hotel)
02.23.07 - Burlington, VT (Tick Tick)
02.26.07 - Purchase, NY (Purchase College)

03.01.07 - Tacoma, WA (University OF Puget Sound)
03.02.07 - Seattle, WA (OKOK Gallery)
03.03.07 - Portland, OR (The Artistery)
03.12.07 - Prescott, AZ (Raven Café)
03.19.07 - Spokane, WA (Whitworth College)

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Ramona Cordova

photo by Dorothy Hong

Ramona Cordova Tour Dates