Download - Glasvegas "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed"

Occasionally MySpace proves to be a great place to find a new band. Such is the case with the unsigned Glasgow group, Glasvegas. As their bio says, "Glasvegas are a rock 'n roll four piece on the ascendancy, who set their doo-wop, 50's style licks and beats against raw defiant lyrics reflecting harsh inner city living."

Currently the legendary Alan McGee is really championing the band, but we love their style too. You can download the punchy "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed," as well as watch a live performance of the band below. In addition to the demo below, the group has a few more home recorded demos available for free download on their official site. Let's hope to see them soon on this side of the pond.

"I'm Gonna Get Stabbed" MP3

Glasvegas at Death Disco Performance at Ironworks Inverness, 01.20.07:



Download - Glasvegas "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed"