BRMC Return With Baby 81

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have just announced the release details of their fourth full length album. Called Baby 81, the album will hit shelves on May 1 through RCA Records. Where the band's 2005 RCA debut, Howl, was a bit of a departure and found them moving towards a more stripped down, Americana sound, Baby 81 is said to be a return to the guitar-drenched, multi-layered sound that first won the band critical and popular praise alike. Check out the track listing below. We'll have an MP3 for you as soon as we can (without getting sued).

Track Listing:

01. "Took Out A Loan"
02. "Berlin"

03. "Weapon Of Choice"
04. "Window"

05. "Cold Wind"

06. "It's Not What You Wanted"
07. "666 Conducer"

08. "All You Do Is Talk"

09. "Lien On Your Dreams"

10. "Need Some Air"

11. "Killing The Light"

12. "American X"
13. "Am I Only"


BRMC Return With Baby 81