Illicit Hugs And Playground Thugs

Irish quartet The Basement are another one of those "big in the UK" bands that just might have a shot at striking it rich in the US. The young band's bluegrass meets honkey tonk meets rhythm & blues meets Irish barroom sing-a-long sound is done with impeccable precision on both their self-titled and forthcoming debut full length. Of course, it doesn't hurt that knob twister Mike Crossey, who played a role in the success of The Artic Monkeys, was behind the board for the recording process either. Called Illicit Hugs And Playground Thugs, the album is filled with catchy, beer drinking songs that should strike a chord with American audiences who've come to love likeminded artists like La Rocca and The Thrills.

Overflowing with slide guitar licks, honkey tonk bass lines, and finger-pickin' galore, songs like "Do You Think You're Movin' On," and "Just Caught A Face" are upbeat, country-tinged rockers, but fear not, the band mixes it up plenty on this 14-track, 40-minute offering. "Bringing Out The Dead" is a straight up bluegrass instrumental, while "It's a Kind Of Love" is a harmony filled ballad about, well... love. Through it all, lead vocalist John Mullin has a guttural energy and raspy confidence that at times sounds quite a bit like Liam Gallagher (which is never a bad thing). All in all, this debut album is worth checking out. The songs are catchy and fun without being cheesy or over-produced. Definitely a summertime record, but hey... summer right around the corner, right?
"Do You Think You're Movin' On" MP3

The Basement

Illicit Hugs And Playground Thugs