Avalanches Finally Work On New Album

This is an announcement that I honestly thought would never happen. It has been six years since the release of their brilliant debut album, Since I Left You, a record so great I guess it is understandable that it would take them a few years to complete its follow-up. But SIX years?

Fortunately, the Australian electronic gurus have broken their silence about the new album in a recent posting on the group's official message board. They also mentioned that plenty of sonic treats will be made available online, including "Brains (TEAZR)" which is streaming on their website.

Here is the message in its entirety. With a record "so fucking party you will die" in the works, we are pretty damn excited. Lets hope the "sample fairy" visits soon!


happy new year yall. we've made a heap of mixes and stuff available while we finish the record. they wont give you a hint of the new albums magical sound unfortunately, but they will keep you pilgrims well nourished until the next harvest.

its a really thrilling time for us right now as this record comes together, its so fuckin party you will die, much more hip hop than you might expect, and while there is still no accurate estimated time of arrival, were sure you're gonna love it when it arrives.

much of last year was spent cutting up the spoken word/instructional records we need to tell the albums musical story, and we have some 40 odd songs we're narrowing down and finishing. so its real, it exists, and you know we wouldn't be serving anything up unless it was gonna give you that same special feeling that since has. funnily enough its ended up sounding like the next logical step to since, we just had to go around in a big circle to get back to where we belong.

and one day when you least expect it you'll wake up and the sample fairy will have left it under your pillow.

The Avalanches

Avalanches Finally Work On New Album