Trading Twilight For Daylight

For those of you that live in Los Angeles, or got an old Cornerstone Player, you might be familiar with Great Northern. The group formed out of a few friends in the thriving Silverlake area of Los Angeles a few years back. They quickly made a name for themselves on the local circuit. Then, back in the fall of last year, the band was singed to indie favorite Eenie Meenie. With label in place and fans wanting more, the group made this album that was produced by Mathias Scheeberget (Greg Dulli, Joseph Arthur).

The foursome create beautiful, shimmery, sun drenched pop tunes. While listening to their music it is not hard to imagine yourself laying in a field, seeing the shapes hidden in the clouds up above. The moody "Low Is A Height" compliments the harmonious opener "Our Bleeding Hearts," and there is a truth and familiarity in the vocals created by Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte. While the melodic gems are a plenty on the album there are those few other tunes that stand out from the rest, such as "The Middle," arguably the best track on the album. It immediately grabs your attention with its infectious pop perfection (not to mention that it has an uncanny resemblance to The Beatles meets ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky.") In a time where there are more new bands than minutes in a day, it is always nice to hear one that rises above the rest and has the possibility to stand the test of time.
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Trading Twilight For Daylight