Download - The Glass "Come Alive"

NYC-based electro duo The Glass have just finished up their new album. The self-titled, 10-track LP packed with full-on club bangers that will undoubtedly have the kids' asses shaking like they were on fire. If you're into LCD Soundsystem, Justice, !!!, The Rapture, etc. etc. you'll love these guys too.

"Come Alive" will be released as a digital single (w/ limited edition 12") in early March. There's no release date for the full length yet... perhaps because the unsigned duo is waiting for a label to help them out, despite the fact that under the Record Label category on their MySpace profile, it states "Labels are Gay."

Those of you in NYC have had ample opportunities to catch The Glass at various parties around town as of late - Heroin Chic, Club NME, etc. - but if you managed to miss them, you can head over to The Annex on February 23. $5.

"Come Alive" MP3
"Come Alive" (Stretch Armstrong Remix) MP3


Download - The Glass "Come Alive"