Travis Readies The Boy With No Name

The Scottish group Travis is springing back to life with the upcoming release of their brand new album, The Boy With No Name. Nigel Godrich produced the follow-up to their '03 album, 12 Memories, who was also at the helm of The Man Who and The Invisible Band. The band's best work was with Godrich, so this should hopefully mark the triumphant return for Travis.

The band posted the album title and tracklisting on their website, citing a UK release date of May 7. The record will be preceeded by the single "Closer," which will hit stores on April 23. Hopefully the US release information isn't too far off. To catch a sneak peek at the single, it just happens to be streaming on their MySpace page. It will only be up for a week, so give it a listen while you still can.

The Boy With No Name
01. "3 Times And You Lose"
02. "Selfish Jean"
03. "Closer"
04. "Big Chair"
05. "Battleships"
06. "Eyes Wide Open"
07. "My Eyes"
08. "One Night"
09. "Out In Space"
10. "Colder"
11. "New Amsterdam"


Travis Readies The Boy With No Name