Hats Off To The Buskers

If we have learned one thing over the years it's that you shouldn't believe the hype you hear on a lot of records. A lot of times it gets in the way and can overshadow what the record really is trying to convey. Then sometimes there are those rare occurrences where the hype is well deserved; case in point with The View. Not to mention that these kids are, well, kids. When I was their age I was worried about being caught for underage drinking or where I was going to go to University. Meanwhile, the lads in The View are making classic rock-n-roll music that is well beyond their years.

With songs like "Same Jeans," "The Don," "Wasted Little DJ's" and "Superstar Tradesman," it is easy to see how they quickly grew a following across the pond. Hell, even when the guys played New York City in January there were some loyal fans that knew every word to every tune. Fourteen songs clocking into a blasting forty minutes, the band keep the album raw and punchy to the bitter end. It probably helps that they had Owen Morris (Oasis) behind the board for the album. No over the top production to be found here! Instead it is chock full of working-class songs for the blue-collar common people. By the time the record is over your body is left soaking of sweat, breath reeking of whiskey and your head spinning knowing the fact that The View is indeed on fire.

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The View

1965 Records

Hats Off To The Buskers