Custom Designed Guitars On Exhibit In London

Our friends in London just had a very cool exhibit begin at the Harrods department store. Born To Rock showcases an impressive selection of guitars, ranging from rare and vintage to personalized custom guitars that are amazing works of art. For example, they have guitars from Franz Ferdinand, The Edge, Jimi Hendrix and Noel Gallagher, and even the revolutionary "Frying Pan," which was the world's first electric guitar.

As for the custom axes, Born To Rock brought in a variety of well-known musicians, artists, fashion designers and photographers to give a guitar their own personal touch. Graham Coxon titled his "Guitar With My Own Hand," which he described the art as "an instructional diagram showing how to dampen the strings of a guitar causing silence." Other guitars were done by Joseph Arthur, David LaChapelle, Anton Corbijn, Fred Deakin and Jennifer Lopez. Yes, J Lo.

So what will eventually happen to these once the exhibition is over? They are each being auctioned off, benefiting the charities selected by its designer. If I had the money, I'd place a bid on Fred Derakin's from Lemon Jelly. The Anton Corbijn one is pretty sweet too.

Born To Rock

Custom Designed Guitars On Exhibit In London