Kula Shaker Creates Podcast

We've been keeping tabs on Kula Shaker's reformation since we got this little clip from their studio. The band is really grabbing a hold of all the technology out there in order to get the most exposure possible for their upcoming release.

Recently the band created a podcast (downloadable here) that is full of Crispian's antics about the Roman Conquest, as well as information on album number 3.

As of today, the band is in the final stages of mixing, and the album should be completed by February 19. It is slated for an international release in Japan, as the band said, "Sony Japan were the first label to come a-knocking, and yes - they want to release a 4 track EP before the main album release. Since then, things have heated up and requests are coming in from all over for an international release. We'll let you know who, how, and where, when things are finalized."

American A&R peeps, take note.

Kula Shaker


Kula Shaker Creates Podcast