Brett Anderson Reveals Artwork

It goes without saying that we are pretty giddy about Brett Anderson's solo release that hits March 26 overseas. In a post on his official website, Brett decided to share the artwork for the forthcoming release with his fans, with a description about it. Check it out, we think it looks awesome.


The sleeve was conceived by me and Peter Saville and shot by Wolfgang Tilmans. We were looking for something that alluded to the influences and reference points which made up the content of the record and decided that shooting me at home in my scruffy studio where the music was born would be fitting. This is the one room in my house where I allow my childish side to rule over the controlled adult and where I am happy to make a mess and pin up pictures with blu-tak and sellotape. Some of you will recognize that the photo is taken from a magazine shoot from a few years back. We tried to re-shoot the idea but felt that it lacked some of the warmth and spontaneity of the original. I like the way the images candidly show my lives and interests from Vermeer to the Pistols, from Huxley to Hockney. There are also some more personal gems amongst the clutter including work by my sister and photos of friends. I hope the images mirror the personal intimacy of the music and show something of the man behind the mask.



Brett Anderson


Brett Anderson Reveals Artwork