Star In The Rakes' New Video

Want to be in the new video for The Rakes? The band is inviting all their "rakey" friends who are in their twenties to participate in a film shoot on Valentine's Day. There is one catch thought - you must be in London. If location is not a problem for you, and you fancy dancing on rooftops, this could be your chance for stardom.

The band is asking each fan who is interested in participating to send a headshot and full length body shot, along with your cell phone number, to Casting will be decided on Monday, so your time is running out!

It is pretty safe to assume that the video is going to be for The Rakes' new single, "We Danced Together," hitting stores in the UK on March 12. We are still waiting for US release information on their upcoming album, Ten New Messages, which will be out overseas on March 20. Looks like we'll be buying the import.

The Rakes

Star In The Rakes' New Video