LIVE BLOG: PLUG: Independent Music Awards - NYC (Pre-Show)

Hi from Jamie Lee!

I'm type, type, typing away from the upstairs lounge at NYC's Irving Plaza, getting pumped and ready for the 2007 PLUG: Independent Music Awards - a.k.a "The Indie Grammys."

Even though doors don't open for another 20 minutes and tonight's host David Cross is still spilling random funny snippets into the mic to make soundcheck a little less tedious for the production crew, I've already managed to interview LA's Silversun Pickups AND grab drinks with indie rock veteran Stephen Malkmus.

Stay tuned for the interviews and, of course, show coverage as more rock reports will be posted shortly. It's gunna be a killer night and The Tripwire is here to include you in all that's going down!

LIVE BLOG: PLUG: Independent Music Awards - NYC (Pre-Show)