2007 PLUG: Independent Music Awards - Show Highlights

Greetings from the day after the 2007 PLUG Awards.

To find out who the winners from last night's event are, please click here.

Listed below are my Top 5 favorite moments from the show:

1) David Cross' on-stage "Inside the Actors Studio" interview with Stephen J. Malkmus. Cross made a point of having the "J" represent a multitude of possible middle names - James, Jebediah, Julian... and the list went on. Cross also wore a fake beard and did his "best" James Lipton impression - making sure to ask Malkmus what his favorite curse word was. To that, Malkmus replied "Dickweed."

2) Silversun Pickups rocked the stage. Their short set was crisp, energetic and powerful in its subtly.

3) The giant 15 foot high paper mache and cardboard David Cross puppet that was brought out on stage and operated by 5 different puppeteers. The man who did the puppet's voice mockingly said, " I'm David Cross. Look at me. I need a puppet that costs twelve thousand dollars." Cross stood to the side, looking up in faux awe of the giant mock-up of himself.

4) At the end of art rockin' Deerhoof's performance, a cake was brought out on stage for singer/guitarist Satomi Matsuzaki's birthday. The entire Irving Plaza crowd joined in to sing her a very loud rendition of "Happy Birthday."

5) Cross made sure to take a moment silence for the late Anna Nicole Smith. He explained how he felt sorry for the lonely drugs who would never be consumed by her. Too soon? Not for Cross!

Exclusive interview with Los Angeles' Silversun Pickups is soon to come. Stay tuned.

2007 PLUG: Independent Music Awards - Show Highlights