Casino Twilight Dogs

One thing proved with '04's breakout Skeleton Jar was that Youth Group knows how to build up a song, piece by piece, to a supersonic crescendo. With their new album the Australian quartet continue to let that point be known with tracks like "Daisychains" and "Sorry," while also working in some nice slower tracks ("Sicily, "The Destruction Of Laurel Canyon"). They even decided to throw their platinum selling cover of Alphaville's "Forever Young" into the tracklist (to our benefit).

Front-man Toby Martin's almost angelic voice adds atmosphere to the album, and lyrically he proves his look isn't all that's Dylan influenced. Perhaps the most enjoyable moments of the album though, seep through when bassist Patrick Matthews (better off here than he was in The Vines) thumps the melody to and fro. Normally an under-appreciated role in any band, Matthews' bass plays perfectly with Danny Allen's drumming (see lead single "Catching & Killing" and "Dead Zoo").

With such an easy-on-the-ears album as Casino Twilight Dogs, it'll be hard to dismiss these Aussies from your musical consciousness afterwards. It's also hard to hate a band that touches on space rock, folk, '60s Brit-pop and the beautiful side of indie-pop. In a one-word review I'd say "Listen," but here I'll suggest, plug this in on a cold night while your headlights guide the way across a clear sky and decide for yourself.

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Youth Group

Casino Twilight Dogs