Hello Today

The Switch stated out a little over two years ago as a way for an unemployed man, Aaron Kyle, to see the country. After gathering some friends and touring the land, the group decided that they wanted to do more. As a result they formed the band officially in 2006 in Los Angeles and made their debut EP, Hello Today. Since then the unsigned group has been featured in KXLU's "Demo Listen" as well as played various shows on the local circuit such as Club NME at Spaceland.

Hello Today was produced and recorded by Joe Napolitano, a member of the band, and quite honestly sounds more professional than a lot of its contemporaries out there. "Tongue Tied" starts off an a punchy opener that blends raw, raspy vocals with sweet harmonies layered on top of horns, guitars and keys. On the other end of the spectrum is "Crazy," a slower more alt-folk tune that relies heavily on the viola and keys. The harmonious piano-driven pop continues with "Living In Another World" and "Jealousy In Three." Finally there is "Vaudeville," an instrumental track that reminds me (in a weird way) of a tamed down version of one of those Graham Coxon intermissions on an old Blur album. It is chock full of horns and leaves the listener salivating for more.

Fans of The Beatles, The Animals, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello should take note and pick up a copy of The Switch. With the way their local scene is going as of late, it wouldn't be too surprising to see their name in lights at a town near you soon.

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