Lily Allen + Booze = Fights With Mike Skinner And Jet

Oh Lily, why are you so filled with rage? After recently ripping into Madonna, Lily Allen drank a bit too much at the recent Big Day Out in Australia and made a bit of an ass out of herself. In a blog update on her MySpace page, she briefly mentioned a couple of incidents during the festival with Jet and The Streets.

She starts with Jet, saying: "I wound Chris the drummer up the wrong way and he flicked a cigarette at me, I then threw a bottle at him which luckily missed and all hell broke loose, I have no recollection of the whole event." Wasted to the point of have no memory from the altercation? Check. Throwing a bottle at somebody's head? Check. Actually trying to kicking somebody's ass? Not yet... oh yeah... until she came across The Streets.

She continued: "I also had a big row with Mike Skinner from The Streets. I was so drunk I can't even remember what it was about. The Kasabian boys were dragging me off him, saying: 'Stop it, Lily! You're being an idiot'. They're such a good influence on me." You know you're in trouble when the Kasabian guys are having to step in.

Miss Allen still has a few US dates left on her current North American tour. From what we've heard, the shows have been great, and judging by her issues in Australia, perhaps there is even a slight element of danger. You might want to think twice about standing near the stage if she happens to be holding a bottle of booze.

02.12.07 - Philadelphia, PA (Theatre Of Living Arts)
02.16.07 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
02.18.07 - Boston, MA (Axis)

Lily Allen

Lily Allen + Booze = Fights With Mike Skinner And Jet