Tony Wilson Diagnosed With Cancer

Tony Wilson will always be best known as the founder one of the greatest labels of all time, as well as finding some incomparable talent. Unfortunately as of late, Tony has not been so lucky. Last month he underwent surgery to remove a kidney, and this week they announced that the 56-year-old has cancer. He will be starting chemotherapy at Machester's Christie Hospital.

Tony's cancer was discovered during a routine doctor visit, when they noticed that something was seriously wrong with his right lung. According to the BBC, after having the lung drained a scan revealed that his right kidney was "completely consumed" by cancer. It was then removed at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and he is now set for two five-day treatments at the Christie.

Talking to the BBC, Tony said, "It was a bit of a surprise to find out I had cancer because there is no family history. All my family tend to have heart attacks in the middle of the night aged in their 70s, 80s and 90s. I wasn't too upset when I was told the news. I just think you have to go with it and I see it as another step in life's adventure. The sheer quality of the care provided to me by the nursing staff and doctors has been fantastic. It's funny that everyone has a moan about the NHS except for people who actually use it."

Best wishes to Tony Wilson for a speedy recovery.

Tony Wilson Diagnosed With Cancer