Download - My Latest Novel "The Reputation Of Ross Francis"

The Glasgow five-piece better known as My Latest Novel, will finally be making their debut on American shows this year during the music industry's annual spring break. Their music is full of violins, xylophones and undulating percussion and the group has played several noteworthy UK gigs such as Manchester's In The City. Additionally they just signed a deal with Bella Union Records, also home to Howling Bells overseas. If all that sounds intriguing then download the track below, and check out the video for the same song.
"The Reputation Of Ross Francis" MP3

My Latest Novel Live:

02.28.07 - London, UK (The Spitz)
03.05.07 - Edinburgh, UK (Cabaret Voltaire)
03.07.07 - Aberdeen (The Tunnels)
03.08.07 - Glenn Fairg (Bein Inn)
03.99.07 - Toronto, ON (Drake Underground)
03.17.07 - Austin, TX (SXSW Buffalo Billiards)

Video for "The Reputation Of Ross Francis"

My Latest Novel


Download - My Latest Novel "The Reputation Of Ross Francis"