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Friday Mailbag: Batty Tickling

February 16, 2007

We get some great e-mails from you regarding the content on our site, so we've decided to start posting the week's best on Fridays while we drink our lunch. Speak your mind, and we just might make you as famous as Patrick Banken.

Hello everybody!

I am a concerned reader of your finde [sic] online feature and would like to express my feelings when it comes to your staff constantly tickling Akon's batty. I beg you, please, no more of this nonsense. It was funny the first time. The second time around I thought, mmh, maybe they didn't get the feedback they thought they would get. Nowadays, it like flogging a dead horse. Akon never was, is or will be an artist that you should feature. I remember first hearing his ludicrous "Smack Dat" in a ringtone ad, and tears of laughter still start to fill my eyes, especially when it comes to the superb cameo by none other than our fav' beatsmith Emi-I just got my First Fisherprice MPC rip-off-nem...

In order to end this in true Akon style ... Stop dat! (Sung in a girly voice, combined with these annoying Auto-Tune pitchshifting effects that didn't even work for Cher).


Patrick Banken

Cologne, Germany

Posted: February 16, 2007
Friday Mailbag: Batty Tickling