Download - The Morning Benders "Damnit Anna," "Last Today"

Unsigned Bay Area quartet The Morning Benders first appeared on our radar when their self released demo/EP Loose Change landed on my desk back in August of last year. The lo-fi, six-song offering was a pleasant surprise (finding a quality unsigned band always is), and we went on to write very nice things about the band. On March 13, The Morning Benders will drop another self-released EP called Boarded Doors. However, you won't have to wait that long to hear it, because they were nice enough to give us the first two tracks to offer up as a download.

"Damnit Anna" and "Last Today" are equally as lo-fi (and equally as good) as the songs from Loose Change, and while I was hoping that someone would give these kids a little money to make a better-sounding recording, Boarded Doors still sizzles with that hard to quantify thing known as "potential."

"Damnit Anna" MP3
"Last Today" MP3

The Morning Benders

Download - The Morning Benders "Damnit Anna," "Last Today"