Listen To The Clash Live From 1979

People from my generation never got to see The Clash live during their heyday. Sad isn't it? Yeah, we all own a copy of London Calling, but there is something to be said about experiencing a live show from them. Back in February of 1979, The Clash performed at Cleveland's Agora, and we found a website that is streaming the concert free of charge.

For fans my age, this is awesome. Hell, for fans any age this is amazing. Click the link below to hear "Safe European Home," "Stay Free," "Guns On The Roof," "Capital Radio," "Police & Theives," "Janie Jones," "Garageland," "Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad," "White Riot" and "London's Burning."

The Clash, Live At Agora

The Clash


Listen To The Clash Live From 1979