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The name Shana Levy might ring a bell with some of our readers out there. She was once in a band called Irving (heard of them before, n'est pas?) and played keyboards on Rilo Kiley and dios (malos) recordings. Her current incarnation, Let's Go Sailing, a band with a rotating cast consisting of Brent Turner (Irving), Nikki Monniger (Silversun Pickups), Tanya Haden (Haden Triplets), and Byron Reynolds (Possum Dixon), has even had their demos played between sets for The Flaming Lips while they were on tour. With all this indie notoriety it's easy to assume that Let's Go Sailing's debut LP would be good. The great thing is that those assumptions are correct.

Let's Go Sailing creates music that is sunny and sweet, coming across like old friend that remains true to the end. Shana's pixie-ish vocals at times are childlike and endearing, yet she can also muster up some angelic harmonies as well; for example in "It's As Clear" and "Come Home Safely." Songs like "We Get Along" and "Icicles" melt away the winter snow and make the perfect soundtrack to ride bicycles to in the springtime. By the time one of the standout tracks, "Heart Condition," comes on the listener is totally under Shana's spell of intelligent pop, putting her in the same category as the likes of Inara George, Belle and Sebastian and the aforementioned Rilo Kiley.

Let's Go Sailing will be heading out on tour with Elvis Perkins in the not so distant future, in addition to a SXSW appearance. If you know what is good for you then you'll check them out live, and pick up a copy of their debut CD.

Stream: "Heart Condition"
Stream: "All I Want From You Is Love"
Stream: "Better Off"

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