Telefon Tel Aviv Release Rare Remixes

Hefty Records is preparing to release a remix compilation by Joshua Eustis and Charlie Cooper, the duo better known as Telefon Tel Aviv. The album includes remixes taken from their seven-year career, including previously unreleased material from Nine Inch Nails and American Analog Set.

Remixes Compiled will feature the very first track the duo completed under the name Telefon Tel Aviv, which just happens to be a remix of NIN's "Even Deeper." We're still trying to track down a release date, but at least we do have the tracklisting. Check it:

Remixes Compiled
01. Nine Inch Nails - "Even Deeper"
02. Bebel Gilberto - "All Around"
03. John Hughes - "Got Me Lost/Driving In L.A."
04. Apparat - "Komponent"
05. Ammon Contact - "BBQ Plate" (Last Supper Mix)
06. American Analog Set - "The Green Green Grass"
07. Midwest Product - "A Genuine Display"
08. Oliver Nelson - "Stolen Moments"
09. Phil Ranelin - "Time Is Running Out"
10. Nitrada - "Fading Away"
11. Marc Hellner - "Asleep On The Wing"
12. Slicker - "Knock Me Down Girl"

Telefon Tel Aviv

Telefon Tel Aviv Release Rare Remixes