We All Belong

Dr. Dog's third release, We All Belong, shows them perfectly encapsulating the vibe of a happy-go-lucky, no-worries summer vacation. Like previous efforts from bands such as The Bees (or Band Of Bees for us US folk) and Nic Armstrong, this group out of Philly have managed to record an album that would top the charts decades ago. It's almost as if they've pulled a Bill & Ted, traveling back in time to school themselves in the art of quality rock, only to return and reeducate a generation.

The whole album is a great piece of psychedelic rock history, showcasing all the best influences, from The Band and Neil Young to The Beach Boys and Beatles. The first standout track, "My Old Ways," is a great wave of surf pop and rock, followed by "Keep A Friend," in which George Harrison seemingly reaches out from the great beyond to lend his talents in guitar filling. "Die Die Die" is an amazing Golden Oldie complete with baritone humming and a reverb-tinged wail.

The two tracks that make the album are "Alaska" and "We All Belong." The former stands out with a perfect vintage feel. It's reminiscent of something you might listen to on a hot July night in the late '50s, running about in your cuffed jeans and PF Flyers, playing baseball by the illumination of screaming fireworks (Sorry, The Sandlot's been on TV quite a bit lately). The title track ends the album on such a high note that you'll be smiling well after its completion. My only complaint with Dr. Dog and We All Belong is that by the end you're left with a mounting sense of dread, not wanting to leave this Golden Aged bubble of a record behind. It's an album like this that does your heart well.

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Dr. Dog
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We All Belong