NoisePop, Day 1 - Opening Night Party

Regular Tripwire contributor Jenn Hernandez is based in San Francisco. She's a youngster with a passion for indie rock and cute indie rock boys and this year she is volunteering at the Bay Area's annual NoisePop festival. From her prime volunteering position, Jenn has offered to "blog" about her experiences and we gladly accepted. So for a behind the scenes look at NoisePop, read on! Jenn will be updating her posts daily, so check back for more throughout the rest of the week.


Where do I start ?

- The fact I ate ice cream, danced, and was appalled/seduced by Har Mar Superstar at the same time?
- Or that I was humped by a blonde girl in a silver bikini while a marching band played around us? Or...
- An older French gentleman "really wanted to say hello to me?" Or...
- That I touched David Cross and oogled at a landslide of other rock stars/cute guys? Or...
- That I had one of the best nights of the month, and I was never bored during the whole night, and I didn't even drink?

Sweet Jesus. If I had to pick a word to describe the night's festivities, it would be EFFINGRIDICULOUS. This year marks my fourth year as a Noisepop volunteer, and my first one as a legal adult being able to take advantage of a thing called drink tickets. This year also marks maybe the first and only time I am working every night of the festival (with some days two shows back to back).

TONIGHT: the opening night party with DJs David Cross and Shepard Fairey, Extra Action Marching Band, Har Mar Superstar, and Tapes n' Tapes @ Mezzanine.

TOMORROW: John Vanderslice, Damien Jurado, Submarines, and Black Fiction @ Independent.

5:23 PM: I am still sitting in western art history class at school, half-falling asleep listening to the professor drone on the Rococo and then waking up to psych myself for the impending good times for the opening night party. Hello, free food over David's "Ode to the Horatii" any day.

6:40 PM: On the way to the BART station, I get the following text from my partner-in-crime for the night, Ursula: "I am here, after getting hella lost and having Chris Appelgren give me directions." I go back to listening to Margot and the Nuclear So & So's.

7:09 PM: I am ushered into Mezzanine and help the other volunteers finish rolling free posters for the crowd.

This yellow painting hangs above my head and I notice cool FREEDM stuff posted everywhere, rightly so since they sponsored the gig alongside a slew of others. I get my assignment of "working tables" as well as working the VIP list outside at 9. The buzz is pretty high, and I throw on a yellow FREEDM pin as peeps file in. I also helped organize that sweet flyer parade under the Noisepop banner. They were getting unruly, I promise.

7:30 PM: A steady flow of badge holders and media kids flow through, and Ursula and I hit up the food table to stifle our yawns. I'm running on four hours of sleep due to impending midterms and don't want to know how the festival organizers are even awake. Cases of Red Bull, maybe? Tiny monkeys?

7:32 PM: After serving myself some chicken and bean action from the buffet table, someone hands me a cup of corn to go along and I haphazardly shovel in a big mouthful of the delicious vegetable as well as a shit ton of cayanne pepper. Apologies to the dude I accidentally elbowed by the tortilla chips, my mouth was on fire and I was flailing around for a purpose.


To read Jenn's full account of Noise Pop's opening night festivities, click here. Jenn will be reporting daily on the sights and sounds of Noise Pop. Stay tuned.

By Jenn Hernandez

NoisePop, Day 1 - Opening Night Party