Panic Prevention

It's a well-known fact that almost everything sounds better in a cute, cockney accent. Bonus points for starting off your debut LP with screaming "fucking croissant" in said accent before the jams kick in on "Brand New Bass Guitar." South London's Jamie T may only be 21, but he claims to have grown up listening to The Clash, Tom Waits, The Specials and drum & bass. When he was in his teens, he was a bass player in a punk band until finally mustering up the courage to go to an open mic night. He then made an EP that was picked up by BBC and the rest is history.

To pigeonhole Jamie T into a genre would be unjust. He magically fuses hip-hop, punk, folk and ska into something easily accessible for the masses, yet challenging enough for us music snobs. Created in his bedroom and taking inspiration from his friends, Jamie T covers topics ranging from drinking pints with mates to city nights and fights. It's a scrappy, spunky effort that is full of surprises at every turn. The catchy "Salvador" and "Ike & Tina" make you want to dance and compliment the slower tunes like "Dry Off Your Cheeks." One of the best tracks, "If You Got The Money," will certainly give Arctic Monkeys a run for their hard earned cash.

The best part throughout all of this is that Jamie T doesn't come across as annoying or whiney. He spits his rhymes with panache. Put down those Lily Allen, Libertines and Streets records and give Jamie T a spin or three.

Video for "Shelia":

Jamie T


Panic Prevention