Ryan Adams To Let Easy Tiger Out Of Its Cage

Ryan Adams' ninth full-length solo studio album, Easy Tiger, will hit stores in North America on June 5 via Lost Highway. This will mark his follow-up to Adams' trilogy of releases between '05 and '06, when it seemed like he had an album coming out once a month. Fortunately he took a bit of a break from releasing records, letting the dust settle before unleashing his next collection of tunes out to the public.

Although the actual sequence of songs is still TBD, we do have a list of tracks that will appear on the album. How will a clean & sober Ryan Adams record sound like? We'll find out in three months...

Easy Tiger
"Goodnight Rose"
"Everybody Knows"
"The Sun Also Sets"
"Halloween Head"
"Off Broadway"
"Two Hearts"
"Tears Of Gold"
"These Girls"
"I Taught Myself How To Grow Old"
"Oh My God, Whatever, Etc."
"Rip Off"
"Pearls On A String"

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams To Let Easy Tiger Out Of Its Cage