Tivo Alert - Silversun Pickups On Last Call

This is one of those perfect situations for which DVRs were created. Now that Silversun Pickups have conquered both Letterman and Leno, their next nighttime television target is Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC. The Los Angeles quartet will be on each day this week, performing tracks from their LP Carnavas as well as their Pikul EP. Don't worry, they aren't the "house band" for the week. They will be rocking full performances each night, so expect to hear "Little Lover's So Polite," "Kissing Families" and a few others.

If you don't happen to have a DVR or even a VCR and you don't have the energy to stay up until 1:30am, you aren't out of luck. Each night will be replayed the following day at LiveDaily.com. Don't forget that SSPU is also currently on tour with Snow Patrol. If you happened to miss the dates the first time around, click here.

Silversun Pickups

Tivo Alert - Silversun Pickups On Last Call