Stars Trust Their Friends For New Album

Who didn't totally love the 2004 album from Stars, Set Yourself On Fire? On May 22 Arts & Crafts will unleash a Stars experiment, Do You Trust Your Friends, that is full of remixes, re-interpretations and more all based off of Set Yourself On Fire. In case you are wondering, the bands that took part of this project are top-notch as well. It includes material from Final Fantasy, Montag, The Most Serene Republic, Jason Collett, Minotaur Shock, The Dears, Apostle of Hustle, Junior Boys, The Russian Futurists, Metric, Camouflage Nights with Kevin Drew, The Stills and Young Galaxy.

Do You Trust Your Friends:
01. "Your Ex-lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy)"
02. "Set Yourself On Fire (Montag)"
03. "Ageless Beauty (The Most Serene Republic)"
04. "Reunion (Jason Collett)"
05. "The Big Fight (Minotaur Shock)"
06. "What I'm Trying To Say Pt. 1 (The Dears)"
07. "What I'm Trying To Say Pt. 2 (The Dears)"
08. "One More Night (Apostle Of Hustle)"
09. "Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys)"
10. "The First Five Times (The Russian Futurists)"
11. "He Lied About Death (Metric)"
12. "Celebration Guns (Camouflage Nights With Kevin Drew)"
13. "Soft Revolution (The Stills)"
14. "Calendar Girl (Young Galaxy)"



Stars Trust Their Friends For New Album