Video - Leave Land For Water "Fragipani Fumes And Cosmetics"

The UK record label Sink And Stove has some mighty great bands on their roster. We've been famliar with The Playwrights but somehow Leave Land For Water has remained off our radar... until now. The Bristol five-piece released a self-titled EP back in the summer of '05, and have a double a-side single coming out on March 5 of this year. Off this new single, they have made an amazing animated video for "Fragipani Fumes And Cosmetics."

The video was created by Cheun Hung Tsang and Chris Hawkes, during which they give an interesting visual interpretation of the song. You can preview several tracks on their website, which are spaced-out post-rock goodness. Check out their stunning video below... it is damn impressive. Fans of Seven Percent Solution, Tortoise, Oceansize and Explosions In The Sky should love Leave Land For Water. Go ahead.. embrace your inner prog.

"Fragipani Fumes And Cosmetics"

Leave Land For Water

Video - Leave Land For Water "Fragipani Fumes And Cosmetics"