Make A Difference

Last night, we received an email from a friend of the site regarding two young women who are seeking to raise money for a very noble cause - helping to provide education to poor, disadvantaged and neglected orphans in Uganda whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS - as well as a .pdf file outlining the details of their mission. I have included both below. Please take a few moments to look it over.

Hi everyone -

No apology for a mass email from me, as I want and need to cast a wide net; this, in support of a friend undertaking a very tall and honorable task.

In a day and age where headlines regularly read about Anna Nicole or the war, please take a moment to read the .pdf attached from a friend in NYC, determined to affect change. Change that we all speak about being needed and I'd imagine on some levels we all have 'day dreamed' about doing somehow...

Well my friend Meg and her friend Katie ARE doing it and need financial support.

Their collective, unified goal is to raise $10,000 to provide education to poor disadvantaged and neglected orphans of/in Uganda whose parents have died of

Checks can be made out to Meaghan Golden (in the memo write ACF) and mailed to:

239 East 14th Street Apt 5F
NYC, NY 10003

She will also write a receipt for your records.

Meg has also set up a paypal site, where you caneasily make a donation, in addition to learning more about their intentions - all info can be found here.

I know that over the course of the year, we all receive emails expressing similar pleas for action and donations. I hope that in some way, this resonates with you differently, in a way that makes donating something (anything!) easy and an act you feel good about.

She and Katie are amazing young women, taking on at no one's request, rather at their own initiative, time and cost an act that will affect lives - and through the simple act of donating $10, $20 or whatever you can afford, by extension you can be a part of that great change.

Lastly, if you are not able to donate or have reached your own personal allocation for gifts this year, before deleting this message I'd ask you to forward this to anyone else you know - including corporate finance directors or anyone whom within a large corporation responsible for matching gifts, etc. it is such a great undertaking and I am trying to spread the word as much as possible - your help is super appreciated.

My sincere thanks,


PDF (click for more details)

Make A Difference