Because Of The Times

The brothers (and cousin) Followill have been Tripwire favorites since December of 2002 when we were first played selections from the Holy Roller Novocaine EP in the RCA offices in NYC. The story of this band was almost too perfect - three brothers and a cousin from rural Tennessee who traveled all over the south with their Pentecostal preacher father as he schooled them on rhythm & blues and rock & roll, all the while finding their own take on Southern rock's storied history and eventually creating something all their own. Sheesh, that bio writes itself. Two full length albums and countless tour dates later (including a stint opening for U2), these four now-seasoned rock & roll vets have truly moved beyond the "Southern Strokes" tag line that has been (lazily) used so often to describe them throughout their career.

Because Of The Times isn't a "Southern" anything. The album was penned by a group of world traveling road warriors who have grown both as individuals and as a unit since the early days, being exposed to countless new experiences, influences, fashions, drinks, drugs, girls, art, etc. Because Of The Times is the Kings Of Leon's coming of age album. It's 52 minutes of pure passion and raw intensity that is unlike anything they've done before. It is a rock & roll album of epic proportions that deserves to be celebrated as such. From start to finish, each moment in time essential; whether it is the screeching hiss of Caleb's vocals on "Charmer," the pitter-patter of Nathan's drums on album opener "Knocked Up," the angular guitar work of Matthew on "McFearless" or the intimidating growl of Jared's bass on "My Party" (a personal fav), each note, lyric, and chord is essential. Ironically, Because Of The Times is, well... timeless, and it will serve as the launching pad for the next phase of Kinds Of Leon's long career.

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Because Of The Times