Travis Offers Preview Of "Battleships"

For fans of Travis' previous albums The Man Who and The Invisible Band, their next effort will make you very happy. Their upcoming album, The Boy With No Name, marks their reunion with uber-producer Nigel Godrich, which is a very good thing.

As we reported last month, the new album will be released in the UK on April 23. We are still waiting on US release information, which should hopefully be coming along soon. Until then, Travis has been kind enough to post a track off the forthcoming record on their MySpace page. Head over to enjoy "Battleships" while you can.

The Boy With No Name
01. "3 Times And You Lose"
02. "Selfish Jean"
03. "Closer"
04. "Big Chair"
05. "Battleships"
06. "Eyes Wide Open"
07. "My Eyes"
08. "One Night"
09. "Out In Space"
10. "Colder"
11. "New Amsterdam"


Travis Offers Preview Of "Battleships"