Invention of the Remix Remix Remix

March 07, 2007

For all the aspiring producers out there, Philly rap dudes Plastic Little have teamed up with the good bros at Turntable Lab to present the Remix of the Remix of the Remix Remix Contest. Plastic Little's provided two acapellas from their last album She's So Mature which include verses from Ghostface Killah, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank and MF Doom. Turntable Lab gives up the prizes, which include a Serato package and free TTL money. All you have to do is sprinkle your genius on those shits and wait for the payday. The ultimate winner also gets his/her jam on the forthcoming Remix of the Remix Plastic Little album. Since the contest officially started on March 2nd, we were curious to find out how it was going so far. After the jump, you can read what contest organizer Maximillian Lawrence of Free News Projects has to say about entrants so far, the government and Ghostface Killah.

What are you doing right now?

I'm watching a special on The History Channel about Barbarians and reminiscing about Scribble Jam ‘06.

Listening to tons of


You're fucking joking right?

Are they any good?

Compared to what?

How are the entries looking so far?

I have to say that Iowa, Idaho, and Utah have this shit locked up. We’ve heard rumours that there's some ill shit from Berlin. Shit, cats in Philadelphia are so hyped on the contest they're using coconuts to call their cousins in Puerto Rico to have them hum that shit into Pack of Rats’ voicemail.

How did you get TTL to cough up such great prizes?

TTL? Oh, those aren’t prizes, that shit is just words. TTL has been a huge supporter of us for the last 5 years, from the SoundInk 7” to the first EP from a ANYthing.

Who's remixing on The Remix of the Remix album?

DJ Lowbudget kicks off the remix contest with a 50 minute party jam mixtape of songs from the album, all remixed-mashed-up-basement-party style. You can cop that at Turntable Lab and We also got Joe Chip of Hot Chip (hip hop people might not know who this is, so ask the dude in front of you wearing women's jeans), B’More’s Scotty B, Chicago’s very own Flosstradamus, The Rub’s DJ Cosmo, The Original CX Kidtronik, Pinkskull, Icy Demons, Shadetek. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton, but definitely don’t forget the almighty King Krash’s very special Pink Album of remixes out in May.

Who else do you think is doing the best remixes

right now?

Hmmmm, fucking Prince Paul. If you listen to the remixes he did on the Stetsasonic All that Jazz single, shit's still sounding fresh, people are still trying to figure out what he was doing. Shit he was using some Akai S900 lump of poo sampler with 8 seconds of time on it making it sound like an orchestra.

Honestly though, we don’t know whose doing the best remixes because all we get to hear are the ones that make it into a commercial format. That’s why we are doing this.

What if someone in Plastic Little entered a remix

but didn't tell you and then you came and played it for everyone,

prefacing it with

"this is the worst fucking shit I've ever heard"?

HA HA HA HA, that’s not any different than what normally already happens without remixes.

Why and how is it that Ghostface has become a

bigger fixture on the

indie scene than, like, Mos Def?

First and foremost , that dude is a fucking pro, and we owe him a big debt of gratitude. Ghost listened to our shit, gave it some thought and laughed. He did the same shit with Swollen Members last summer. It's not like any of us can afford what his retail price is, and it’s not like hanging out with us would get him more pussy, so he does what he feels and wants to. You don’t make it in the music industry for 15 years by making bad choices or by compromising what you are about. He’s a funny fucking dude. I'm pretty sure Ghost didn’t have a song on the Judgement Night soundtrack with Sheryl Crow.

I think Ghost has stayed fresh in the indie scene, as well as the commercial scene, because he does what he does and it’s honest. That doesn’t mean that what he’s talking about in a song happened yesterday, but there's nothing self-conscious in his rhymes. Styles come and go, but a good MC is a good MC. There aren’t that many MC’s that continue to reinvent themselves well into each new generation. Ghost doesn’t even bother. Let content and context dictate style. Ghost , with Wu, made a scene, generated a sound and kept progressing .

Do you think at some point the internet will become

a place where a song is remixed so many times that it comes full

circle to the

original version?

HA! Dude I think by 2012 the U.S. Government will have so thoroughly subsidized Dwight Yoakam sniffy snax, all remixes will be reduced to 13 seconds or less , which is also the perfect length to open the baggie, dump the yoda, switch stance, head down, head up, on the left , right! on the left, right!

Will you steal ideas from the best remixes and

use them on your next album and give the prizes to random entries?

You call it stealing, we call it outsourcing.

Posted: March 07, 2007
Invention of the Remix Remix Remix